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Macarons Are Hard

Someday I will stop saying y’all when I’m angry and I will perfect macarons. Meanwhile, I will continue to get my fix at Lolita across the river from our shop.

IMG_0326I did find a great resource from David Lebovitz. I really appreciate someone else doing all that research so I don’t have to. Should I tackle the white chocolate chai or raspberry matcha ones I’ve been dreaming about first?

If you haven’t been by the shop lately, our new baker, Maja, has been killing it on the brownie front. Tomorrow we’re doing dark chocolate with a peanut butter swirl. Yes, they are very American but they’ll pair nicely with the Ramones cover band. They’ll take the corner stage at 21:00.


Green Tea: It Shouldn’t Taste Like You Brewed Your Lawn

Sometimes when I recommend a green tea, customers make this face that generally looks like I offered to serve them a cup of lukewarm Ljubljanica swamp water straight up.

Love the stock photo but what’s with the tea bag?

When I see that face, I’m pretty sure they’ve have stewed green tea.

Green tea should be steeped at a lower temp than black tea and for just a minute or two. Here’s a quick guide to get you started at home. Or, come by Renegade Tea for a loose-leaf, hand-brewed cup and a bite of something tasty. If you’re lucky Fred will be in a mood to make his fantastic green tea latté. If not, you’ll have to come back and try again.